The #10YearChallenge without Cyber Security

How your organisation could look after a cyber attack.

The 10 Year Challenge, 2019’s latest meme, has taken over social media this past week - prompting users to post their most favourite and dramatic flashback photos from 2009. 

Whilst your friends, family and favourite celebrities might have a new hair style, a few wrinkles or may even look the same, the state of your business cannot be predicted so easily. Without a solid cyber security strategy in place, your business may not exist for the next #10YearChallenge in 2029. 

Ensuring your organisation takes cyber security seriously can safeguard your business for years to come. Having a solid cyber security strategy in place can help minimise the risk of potential data breaches, cyber-attacks and can furthermore reduce the impact of damage if your organisation is targeted.

In their 2018-2019 Global Application & Network Security Report, Radware reports that the average estimated cost of a cyberattack in the US has climbed to $1.1 million – enough to cause unrecoverable damage to an SME.  

Furthermore, in their 2018 Small Business Cyber Risk Report, HISCOX highlights that nearly two-thirds (65%) of small businesses in the US fail to act following a cyber security incident. Failing to act can have serious consequences, as Inc (2018) highlights that 60 percent of small businesses fold within 6 months of a cyber-attack. 

SME's are 60% likely to close down after a cyber attack.

Don’t let this happen to your business! 

At Curious Frank, we can help you secure your business with our wide range of services. Our services are designed to help you spot vulnerabilities in your systems, policies and processes which could expose your business to cyber criminals who seek to steal your personal and financial information.

From Digital Foot-printing, Security Testing, Table Top Exercises, Awareness Training and Security Policy Reviews, Curious Frank has the right package for your business to conquer cyber security threats.

To get a head start in the next #10YearChallenge, contact Curious Frank today for a quote. 

- Curious Frank Team 

For more informative and advice, please email or contact us on our website! 

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