Microsoft to end support for Windows 7 in 2020

January the 14th 2019 marks the one year countdown until the very popular Windows 7 operating system reaches end of life. But what does that mean for you or your business?

As of January 2020, Microsoft will stop releasing security updates for Windows 7 and any new security vulnerabilities will likely be left un-patched, giving cyber criminals the opportunity to attack those systems.

According to statcounter (2018) currently over 35% of all computers using Windows are still running Windows 7. That is a lot of computers that will potentially have security issues this time next year.

Not only are the popular Windows 7 machines running out of time but so is the operating systems used by many servers. Servers are the main computers that help run networks and are integral to having a secure network. In January 2020, Windows Server 2008 will also stop receiving security updates and will again be a target of hackers looking to find easy access.

It is essential that you now review your IT assets and begin planning the replacement of systems that are reaching the end of their life. It’s all about assessing the risk of not replacing equipment. Is it worth not investing in more up to date IT equipment?

For more information on how to assess the risk in your IT infrastructure or to find out more about taking stock of your current position, please email

- Gerry Grant, Chief Ethical Hacker

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