Hacking: It Pays to Be Ethical

A 19-year-old self-taught hacker from Argentina, named Santiago Lopez, is believed to be the world’s first hacker to earn one million US dollars from hacking legally, showing that it truly pays to be ethical.

The ethical hacker has surpassed $1 million in bounty awards, having uncovered over 1,600 security flaws from various organisations. Beyond financial gain, Lopez has helped organisations mitigate vulnerabilities and surface the most relevant security issues before they can be exploited by criminals, protecting people and places in the process.

Not only does it pay for a hacker to be ethical, but by adopting an ethical hacker into your organisation’s internal security structure, you can help your business even the playing field when it comes to cyber-attacks.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Hacking is a term that is often associated with negative connotation. When you think of a hacker, you probably envision thieves or criminals who seek to alter, access or disrupt data illegally. While most hackers do have malicious intent, innovation within cyber security has led to a defensive hacking strategy known as Ethical Hacking.

Ethical hacking is performed by cyber security researchers who are certified to legally attempt to hack into a system to determine its security status and to see if any vulnerabilities exist. Implementing ethical hacking into your business can provide an added layer of security when it comes to dealing with data breaches and cyber-attacks.

How Can Ethical Hacking Benefit Your Business?

At Curious Frank, we work with innovative Ethical Hacking students from Abertay University who utilise their current expert knowledge and skills to help your business stay secure. Our group of ethical hackers can benefit your business in multiple ways.


Our ethical hackers can provide your organisation with the latest knowledge on trends and methods being used within the hacking community. In addition to this, our ethical hackers can also train your staff to understand the techniques that hackers use to acquire illegal access to systems and data which can help prevent your organisation being caught in phishing attempts, data breaches and other forms of hacks from criminals.


Our ethical hackers can test your existing IT infrastructure to determine any vulnerabilities. At Curious Frank, we can perform various types of testing to ensure your infrastructure is safe in every capacity. From internal testing, external testing to web application testing, our team of ethical hackers have every element of your infrastructure covered.


Our ethical hackers can assist in protecting your valuable information. From client information, personally identifiable information, trade secrets and other confidential data, our team can assess the security of your data to ensure that the proper safeguards are being set around your confidential data.


In today’s business environment, businesses must think when a cyber-attack will occur, not if. Our team of ethical hackers can help prepare your business for when a cyber-attack does occur. We offer table top exercises to help you prepare and then test how ready your technical and business teams are

Are you curious about cyber security? We'll be frank about it! From security consultations, cyber security training, digital foot-printing, extensive security tests and more, Curious Frank the best range of services to help individuals and organisations be more cyber secure.

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