Gaming: The Importance of Cyber Security

Computer games are big business these days with many having budgets similar to that of Hollywood movies. More and more of these games are played online and players create accounts that let them do many things, including purchasing add ons to help make the game more interesting.

The global phenomenon Fortnite is a prime example. In this game players can purchase ‘Skins’ to change the look of their character and other add-ons. There is an active online market to purchase accounts that have various different add-ons already loaded.

What does this have to do with Cyber Security? There is now a growing black market around selling online accounts for games. Since there is a profit to be made, cyber criminals are now actively trying to steal these accounts from players in order to sell them on to others.

For all that this is concerning, it does present us with a great opportunity to start ensuring that gamers from a younger age become more aware of ways in which they can protect themselves online and teach them about cyber-security. By highlighting the fact that players can lose all of their hard-earned add-ons in a game by using poor security hygiene, we can start to educate the players in things that can help them secure their accounts. This is the ideal opportunity to get players to understand the need for long and secure passwords and the advantages of using two-factor authentication.

The majority of cyber-attacks start with a phishing email, and again this is the case when criminals are stealing online gaming accounts. So there is another opportunity to educate gamers to the dangers of clicking on links in emails.

If you have children and they want to start playing these games or create online accounts, this is the perfect opportunity to start explaining to them the need to think carefully about their online security. The earlier that we can start to teach people about these things the sooner that it will become second nature for them to practice good security practices.

Stay tuned next week for our Cyber Security Gaming Guide!

To see how easy it is to be tricked by phishing attempts, watch our latest video:

- Gerry Grant, Chief Ethical Hacker

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