Cyber Spring Cleaning Guide

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Spring is finally here, and you know what that means - spring cleaning! Before you start to dust under your sofa and clean things you have avoided all winter, why not begin your spring clean with a digital declutter! By extending your spring cleaning to your digital devices, online accounts and cyber security policies and practices, you will be further protecting yourself and your business.

Check out our Cyber Spring Cleaning Guide packed with advice on how to de-clutter your digital life and organisation this spring below.

Are you ready to have a Cyber Spring Clean? Constellate Apps can help!

Constellate was created by Droman Solutions and the Scottish Business Resilience Centre to help prepare and protect organisations by creating affordable organisational training that is engaging, cost-effective and scalable.

Constellate blends gaming technology and intuitive learning techniques to create workplace simulated applications for training.

You can perform your very own Cyber Spring Clean and receive essential GDPR training with Constellates GDPR – Accredited Training App!

The app, which is only £15.99+ VAT per year can help you identify what is/isn’t personal data/special category data. Furthermore, the app can help you understand factors which influence the retention of data, such as the current and future value of information, the costs, the risks and the liabilities associated with retaining the data, the ease of difficulty of making sure it remains accurate and up to date, what the data is used for as well as legal requirements and obligations.

Additionally, the Constellate GDPR – Accredited Training App reinforced the need to have a data retention policy.

By using our Curious Frank Spring Cleaning Guide in conjunction with the Constellate – GDPR Accredited Training App, you have all you need to ensure your data is correct, secure and necessary.

To find out more about the Constellate GDPR – Accredited Training App, click here.

- Curious Frank

Are you curious about cyber security? We'll be frank about it! From security consultations, cyber security training, digital foot-printing, extensive security tests and more, Curious Frank the best range of services to help individuals and organisations be more cyber secure. Find out more.

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