Cyber Security Myths and Realities

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Every Monday, Curious Frank will be busting cyber security myths as part of #MythMonday! Watch our new video where we countdown the Top 10 Cyber Security Myths and realities.

Myth: Small and medium sized businesses don’t make a worthwhile target for hackers.

Reality: Small businesses made up over half of last year’s breach victims

Myth: A strong password is enough to keep your account safe

Reality: Two-Factor Authentication and Data Monitoring is needed to ensure more safety.

Myth: Anti-virus and anti-malware software keeps you completely safe.

Reality: Software can’t protect you against all attacks.

Myth: Cyber Security threats come from outside of your network and business.

Reality: Insider threats are just as likely and harder to detect.

Myth: If Wi-Fi has a password, its secure.

Reality: All public Wi-Fi can be compromised, even with a password.

Myth: I only open emails from people that I trust

Reality: Anyone can receive a spoof email, it is not difficult to spoof an email in order to display someone else’s name as being the sender.

Myth: Using your own smartphone or another device at work is fine as long as its password protected.

Reality Bringing your own device can increase the risk of a data security breach. All devices should be encrypted to protect confidential information.

Myth: Computers are the main entry point for attackers.

Reality: Hackers can gain access through a range of objects you would never think of, such as wireless thermostats, printers, security cameras, mobile phones and tablets.

Myth: Businesses know immediately when they are under attack.

Reality: Attackers can gain access remotely without an organisation knowing. Many businesses don’t realise they have been compromised for months and during that time, they can lose critical data, resources and intellectual property. Take the Marriot Hotel Chain Group for example, their systems were recently compromised and went unnoticed for over 4 years.

Myth: Cyber Security solutions are too expensive

Reality: Cyber Security is never too expensive. Organisations must consider the true cost of a cyber-attack.  The average cost of a single cyber attack in 2013 was $9000. However, cyber-attacks cause more than monetary loss, they can also cause loss of business, damage to your reputation and could evoke potential lawsuits.

- Curious Frank Team

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