Cyber Attacks: The Biggest Threat to your Organisation in 2019

Cyber Attacks are the number one threat for organisations going forward, says the Business Continuity Institute.

The Business Continuity Institute has released their 2019 Horizon Scan Report, drawing on the input of 569 global professionals to shine a light on the disruptive forces that they anticipate in 2019 and reveal how they are preparing their organisations to meet the challenge.

In the report, cyber-attacks and data breaches were listed as number four in the top ten disruptions in the past twelve months, costing businesses a staggering $144 million. The Business Continuity Institute noted that whilst cyber-attacks have lower impact scores compared to physical disruptions (such as IT problems, adverse weather and skill shortages), cyber-attacks remain one of the largest challenges for organisations due to how frequently they occur.

In light of these risk assessments, the BCI has named cyber-attacks and data breaches the number one risk for organisations in the next twelve months. Growing by 13%, cyber-attacks and data breaches now have a risk score of 7.05 – highlighting to organisations that cybercrime is becoming a more common threat in the digital age.

The next 12 months: The top risks for your business

To read more of the 2019 Horizon Report by the Business Continuity Institute, click here.

What does this mean for organisations?

In the past 12 months, data breaches and cyber-attacks have become more popular amongst businesses, with targeted attacks towards British Airways, T-Mobile, Facebook, Google, Quora and My Fitness Pal affecting over 300 million users combined.

This information, combined with the Business Continuity Institute’s 2019 Horizon Report, should highlight to businesses that it’s time to take ensure that cyber security is a top priority for your organisation, no matter how large or small your business is.

By preparing your organisation for an unsuspected cyber-attack or data breach, you will be safe-guarding your organisation’s future from potential financial loss, reputational damage and possibly preventing your business from closing down.

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- Curious Frank Team

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