Why Curious Frank?

We’re Curious.

Not just about you but about Cyber Security in general. We’re curious to see what the latest threats are and how they work, we’re curious to find out how to defend against them, we’re curious to learn the latest techniques and put them in to practice to help secure businesses networks. Most of all we’re curious to find out how we can help you.

We’re Frank.

We’ll tell you in plain and simple terms what we think needs to be done to help protect your business. We’ll tell you in an open and honest manner what we found during our testing and what you can do to rectify any issues.

We’re Curious, we’re Frank

Curious Frank is a division of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre. The SBRC have been working with innovative, curious and frank Ethical Hackers from Abertay University for the last five years. Over this time they have built up a reputation that spreads across the whole of the United Kingdom as talented, informative and reliable consultants who can help businesses of all sizes.